About Us

Thanks for your willingness to know more about us and our products!

We are a small manufacturer of handmade leather goods in Corfu, Greece. We create leather bags, for women and men, such as backpacks, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, waist bags and sling bags. We also make handbags, wallets, bracelets, belts, keychains, leather jewellery and other handmade leather accessories.

The horsePOWER brand was established the 1985 in Corfu island as an artistic small workshop and started creating and producing its own designs for the local market.

Very quickly, the innovative designs, fine leathers and love to perfection led to an increased demand and entered us as well to wholesale field.

Therefore our workshop has been equipped with the latest equipment and new persons were added to staff and shared with us our ideas and our love at producing fine items!

With the passage of time, an audience has been created which faithfully and really flattering follows our progress.

We believe our e-shop is a new link to this relationship and it will really be our pleasure to serve you through it.