Additional information


Material Description

Patterned fabric – Leather

Dimensions (cm)

Υ 36/30- Π 38- Β12

Dimensions (inch)

Η 14/11.8 -W 15-D 4.8



Light Green





Katerina is a particular design beyond the classic styles of a common backpack.
This is a medium sized backpack that his plan escapes TANGIBLE established classic backpacks.
It is rather squared and ensures safety with a top closure and an extra magnetic snap. It is a very practical bag since it can be worn either on one shoulder by letting the one strap free or as a handbag by holding the decorative leather covered tubes.


It can be made either of leather or of canvas


Leather: The soft leather helps the frameless shape of this design to stand out.
The wide and soft straps embracing the shoulder allowing you to carrying the bag without feeling its weight. The leather tube, except for the decoration, can be used as handles.


Canvas: When Katerina is made of canvas offers four alternative ways of holding her. By simply changing the position straps, by varying their length, using only one or none, the bag becomes a backpack, shoulder bag, worn crosswise or simply held in the hand tactile leather “pipes”Katerina backpack can carry all necessary a modern woman and is sure to become your everyday useful companion 


Offered in a cotton storage bag.

Customization And Service

Would you like one of your own, personal intervention to the product that you like?

Talk to us! Our art workshop in Corfu, having full control over the entire production process of each individual product, from design to the last construction detail, would happily be able to satisfy your small interventions.

Choose color, different combinations, ask for details that will make our model ideal for your individual needs!

And finally ... experience the certainty of service offered by horsePOWER in each product, when and if you ever need it!